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Gaming is fun, relaxing and keep our brains active; everyone should play from time to time, and everyone should be able to do it without spending too much.

In this site you will find articles and reviews of cheap video games you can find online, news about new lowcost games and a list of current deals through which you can get some great commercial triple-A games for a low price.

There are different games and ways you can play without spending too much:

  • Indie games: these kind of games are my favourite. Indie stays for Independent, which means that the developers have no one behind them asking or telling them what to do, no sponsors or publishers or other companies apart from themeselves. This means they can do whatever they want and indie games are usually very original and creative. Since indie developers, most of the time, have no publisher funding them during the development, these games are usually low-budget, and so the market price is itself really cheap.If you are interested in I Want Cheats you need to visit this .
  • Special Deals and Pre-orders: big budget triple-A games cost from 40 to 60 dollars or euros if you buy them at full price. If you have patiance, many times during the year digital distributors like Steam, Origin, GMG offer great discounts on some games, sometimes you can even get a game for less then 30% of its real price. Pre-orders are another interesting option: you pay a discounted price if you order a game before the actual release date. For example on Amazon it’s often possible to preorder some games with a 30-40% discount.
  • Free games and F2P: there are many completely free games out there, made by hobbyists and passionate people. The quality of these games is variable, but there are some great gems that just wait to be played. Another concept are the so called Free-To-Play (F2P) games: these kind of games are completely free to play, but offer the possibility to buy different enhancements, new characters, avatars, cosmetic improvements or stuff like that.
  • Open source games: open source games are similar to the free games listed above, made by passionate people for free. The big difference is the “open source” philosophy behind them. The open source community is very active and many of these games are supported and improved with the help of the community itself.
  • Browser games and Casual games: these games usually fall into the Free or F2P category, but the important characteristic is that they don’t need to be installed on your PC but you just need a web browser to play them. Many browser games are Casual games, meaning that they are not very complex games and their goal is to give you immediate fun for some minutes a day. Other browser games take board games mechanics to the web, other ones are very deep and strategic and need a bit of time to be mastered.

As you can see, whatever kind of player you are, casual or hardcore, with much time or just some minutes per day, with no money ore some, you can find some great games.

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